Welcome to the Graziano's 501 Cafe family!

Graziano's 501 Cafe is owned by Michael and Sharon Graziano.  They have owned it for it for 11 years now.  It was formerly "Barnacle Bill's".  Sharon and Mike have really put their time and whole hearts into making Graziano's a truly family friendly atmosphere.  Some of the staff have been there since "the Barnacle", and not only do they know your name, but in time they will know your order before you reach your seat! Open daily at 6 AM, with breakfast served all day! Sharon and Mike welcome you to come in and be part of the Graziano's 501 Cafe family today!

Owners, Mike & Sharon.

Sharon's son, daughter-in-law, and grandbaby.

Steph has been with Graziano's 501 Cafe since the day they opened... Sharon & Mike say they would be lost without her.

"We love Graziano's!"

Some fun "Polar Plunge" patrons... (say that ten times fast!)

Always a great time at Graziano's 501 Cafe!

"Mama" Sharon's friends.

Cheers to family, friends, and fantastic food!

Nice day on the patio with friends old and new!

Sharon with her family.

You can never get too much of the grandbabies!

Sharon holding Cook Michael's new baby!

There's always room at the table for family!

This little guy is as surprised as we are that you haven't tried Graziano's 501 Cafe yet!